Top Features of the AWeber Email Marketing Platform

Top Features of the AWeber Email Marketing Platform

“AWeber made it so much easier for us to stay in contact with our clients.” Oahu Carpet Cleaners

Just about every AWeber review thinks that this email marketing platform is awesome. That’s not really surprising since its features are distinctly impressive. Take a look and see:

1. Automated email with a drag and drop editor. Did you know that the click-through rates for automated emails are up to 35% higher than for broadcasts? That makes automated emails a necessary tool for building long-term relationships with your customers.

With AWeber, you can create a welcome or an educational campaign with predetermined auto responder emails and wait times. You just pick the days and times you want your follow up messages delivered. 

2. The deliverability rates are terrific. AWeber really knows what’s needed to get your emails delivered. The site offers hundreds of free newsletter templates, and the email newsletter software lets you design them without the need to know about coding. You can even use any of the 6,000 images available. With lots of color schemes available, you’ll end up with a unique look for your emails.

You can also segment your email list based on those who read your last email and those who didn’t. This way you can tailor your messages to the kind of subscribers you have. You can also send plain text emails or use your own hand-code emails. You can also preview your messages.

2. Segmenting the list. Your segments can be based on many types of activities. It can be about who clicked on a certain link, what products they purchased, how much they spent, what pages they visited on your site, their particular location, and other data based on their sign up form answers like age and gender.

4. Alluring sign up forms. AWeber offers more than 700 templates for your sign up form, so you can pick the look and colors that match your brand. You can even test your forms to see which form gets more subscribers. With the right form, you can begin gathering subscribers for your email list.

5. Emailing your blog articles. AWeber can get your RSS feed and convert them to email marketing newsletters. You just need to indicate how often you want the messages sent. It also doesn’t matter what blog software you use.

6. Popular integrations. You can connect your AWeber account to your social media, landing pages, and shopping carts. Your customer can sign up for your email campaign on your Facebook page. Your sign up form can also appear on your WordPress blog. You can even synchronize your AWeber account with PayPal so every purchasing customer gets automatically invited.

7. Tracking your email campaign. The analytics are simplified with understandable graphs so you can actually make use of the data to tweak your campaign. You’ll know who opened the email, which recipients clicked on which links, and how much revenue they generated. You can also find out how many people unsubscribed after a particular email.

8. Migrating your list. You think switching to AWeber from another email service provider is going to be bothersome? That’s not true with AWeber since they offer personal assistance with migrating for free. They’ll answer any question you have and help you every stage of the way.

Basically, everything you need in email marketing is available from AWeber. So it’s not surprising that their clients are all thankful in every AWeber review that AWeber is helping them succeed in their email campaigns—and in their businesses.