The Average ROI Of Email Marketing

What is the average return on investment for email marketing?

As mentioned on our previous post, The Increase Of Email Use, email usage is growing exponentially every year.

Now for more exciting facts about email marketing to help turn you into an “investor” in email marketing for your business, e-commerce business, blog, website, etc.

Here’s a few statistics:

  • Email marketing is the second most effective customer acquisition strategy for e-commerce businesses at more than 7%, search being first at 15.9%.
  • Email marketing increases customer lifetime value (CLV) by a 12% average higher opposed to other customer acquisition strategies. Now keep in mind, marketing on Twitter has a 23% lower than average CLV!

In all, email marketing is it is very effective in acquiring customers and it provides a good potential to gather better customers that purchase more from you, retaining them, and perhaps, turning them into loyal ones in the process as well.

So what is the average return email marketing can potentially get your business?

The average ROI for email marketing is about $44 for a $1 invested! Now that’s pretty nice return! That’s IF your email marketing is done the right way with effectiveness.

Stay tuned and up-to-date as we, at Q-Mail marketing, will help provide you with the right ways (the better way) to email market your business, blog, website, etc. so that your attempts may bring you in the substantial ROIs whether if it’s in $ or traffic.