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Email Drip Marketing Guide

These days, businesses are continually looking for ways to reach out to their target market to gain more customers. The competition online is becoming tougher across all industries and niches, and Internet marketing is key to staying ahead of the pack. Some of the most widely used marketing strategies by businesses and bloggers are content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC and mobile marketing. But there’s one very effective strategy that not many businesses know about – email drip marketing.

What is Email Drip Marketing?

As its name suggests, email drip marketing is a method that uses a series of emails to sort of drip the information to customers and prospects. You can set up your email series in such a way that they can be sent automatically to your target recipients if they perform a certain action such as clicking the opt-in form, downloading your ebook or buying your product. The trigger for the email drip may also be time based such as once a week or even once a day.

Benefits of Email Drip Marketing

Internet marketers have come to realize the benefits of using this strategy, including: Continue reading

The Increase Of Email Use

Everyday millions of new emails are being created. The total amount of newly created email accounts are expected to increase by almost 4 billion accounts by the end of 2017.

This may mean several things:

  1. More people are using email to communicate.
  2. Businesses, applications, utilities, etc. are requiring the use of emails for registration and to communicate.
  3. People are creating multiple accounts for their different needs and uses.
  4. And many more reasons…

The bottom line is Continue reading

7 Reasons You Need to Use Email Marketing for Your Business

This post is authored by Christa F. a very successful implementor of email marketing for her cleaning service company.

Every business needs to reach out to more customers and they need to do this on a regular basis. Fortunately, modern marketing and advertising methods are no longer as expensive, time-consuming, and risky as traditional marketing techniques. Ever since the benefits of email marketing were discovered, it seems like every small business owner now stands a good chance of reaching out to a much bigger audience than ever before.

Here are the main reasons you should use email marketing to boost your business:

Benefits Of  Email Marketing

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The Foundation Of Email Marketing

Most businesses get email marketing wrong. They think just spamming their email contact lists with “daily offers”, “30% OFF everything for 2 hours”, “Winter Online Liquidation”, etc., will convert people into customers or return customers. Yes, some of these email marketing strategies do work. But, there is a fundamental aspect to email marketing that is the driving point to turn potential customers into customers, or current customers into loyal customers.

The basis of email marketing is  Continue reading

Change The Way You Email Market

You know SPAM email is an annoyance in your inbox. So why do you continue on marketing you business by spamming people on your email marketing list? If you don’t like spam mail, what do you think people think about when they receive your email – given it makes it past all the spam filters into your client’s and potential client’s inbox?

Stop being like all the other businesses and stand out with a new way of email marketing!