You’re probably subscribed to receive at least one email marketing campaign from a business, newsletter or blog. Have you ever thought about how effective the email campaign you’re subscribed to is?

If it’s a email marketing campaign for a business, does it make you buy more from them? Or if not, does it make you want to buy?

If you are subscribed to a newsletter, is reading the newsletter part of your daily routine? Or how about a blog. Do you find yourself reading a particular blog post marketed by an email?

Email marketing is among the top ways businesses, publications, bloggers reach out, convert, or retain viewers/readers. With over a billion email accounts being created every year you may see why organizations are adopting email marketing.

The problem is that most email marketing campaigns are done wrong, if done at all. Many businesses/organizations try to meddle with email marketing only to give up when no results follow their attempts.

But you know that email marketing works, because you subscribe to some of them. That is exactly what we are going to uncover here on Queue Mail Marketing.

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